A Rice Purity Test attempts to judge how"pure" you're within some domain of expertise by having you answer a list of questions concerning which behaves, etc. associated with the topic you have engaged in. Generally, for each"yes" response you eliminate a purity stage. The end result is scaled to tell you exactly what percentage of purity you still retain.

Some of the tests below are out of Eric's innocence evaluation package, run through the conversion application described previously. Since I set up the purity test scorer, I have found it being used for new tests by web authors who found among the present tests and changed the queries to those from another pool. I have added some of those tests here. More recently, I've found a lot of evaluations in HTML format, with the queries provided as HTML lists. This format is also easy to (mostly automatically) convert to a checkbox evaluation, so I have added a whole lot of them.

Some evaluation authors have created tests specifically to use the grading program here, and have submitted them to me personally. In case you've got a new test that employs this scoring program that you would like to see added, don't hesitate to point me at it. Please don't worry if I choose not to include it. I have gotten enough requests for developments I am now only adding those which are especially interesting and distinct.

You are able to take advantage of this web interface to make a purity test that employs The Armory's automatic grading system. Or, even if you wish to make a purity test in scratch, then see this excuse of the way to compose one.

Important Note!

I get a reasonable amount of mail regarding those innocence tests, together with a few correspondents telling me that they enjoyed the evaluations, and others taking me to work for the contents of just one or another of the tests. The latter appear to have missed the advice above, namely, that I just generated a single of the evaluations below (that the Rice Purity Test).

Should you wish to remark about the appropriateness, tastelessness, etc., of my making these evaluations out there in this format, feel free, even though as a long-time chunk style I shall generally require tasteless for a compliment. However, please at least show that you are conscious of the above-mentioned distinction. If you wish to take issue with all the contents of a test, you would be best off discussing it with the writer, if that info is available. Whatever info I have on the authorship of every evaluation is inside the text of this evaluation.


The evaluations below are listed here for your entertainment only. They aren't a reflection of my personal opinions. Their existence here is not an endorsement of their contents.